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How to Setup OpenVZ 7 on CentOS 7 0

How to Setup OpenVZ 7 on CentOS 7

OpenVZ is a free open source software that provides container-based virtualization solution for Linux. OpenVZ 7 is the latest version of OpenVZ out there and it comes with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.10 kernel....

How to check Exit status of Linux Commands 0

How to check Exit status of Linux Commands

In this post, I will explain about the various Exit status and How to check Exit status of Linux Commands. This post will be helpful for those who are trying to write scripts and...

Inode 0

How to find the INODE usage on Linux

“What is Inode?? How to find the INODE usage on Linux”. You know, in Unix/Linux everything is considered as a file. An Inode is a data structure that stores various information about a file. This...

Linux Directory Structure 0

Linux Directory Structure explained

To understand Linux, you must know about it’s File System Structure. So, this article is aimed to provide information about Linux directory structure.


Linux Special permissions – SUID,SGID and Sticky bit

The basic security of a Linux computer is based on file permissions. In this article, I will explain some Linux special permissions which you can set for files and directories. Linux Special permissions suid...


Linux file permissions explained

In this article, we will cover about different Linux file permissions. As you know LINUX is a multi-user system and file permissions are one way the system protects against malicious tampering. For example, if...

different linux file types 0

Different Linux File Types

In Linux systems everything is considered as a file. In this post I will explain about different Linux file types. It includes regular files, directories, links, character special file,socket,named pipes and block device.

Linux Commands 0

Linux commands explained – Part 1

In this tutorial I will explain about some basic Linux commands used to navigate through the file system. If you are new to Linux, I recommend you to go through the following articles to...