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How to install EasyApache 3 on cPanel & WHM 58

How to install EasyApache 3 on cPanel & WHM 58?.

You all know that the fresh installations of cPanel & WHM 58 come with EasyApache 4 as the default web stack. However, EasyApache 3 is not completely removed out of cPanel as of now and therefore you’ll still be able to use it if you prefer. In this tutorial, I will explain how to install EasyApache 3 on cPanel & WHM 58.

Install EasyApache 3 on cPanel & WHM 58

We have to consider two different scenarios while dealing with this.

  1. Before cPanel installation.
  2. After cPanel installation.

Before cPanel installation

Consider you have a fresh server and about to start the cPanel installation. In this case, you just need to create a file named “install_legacy_ea3_instead_of_ea4” under “/etc” before you begin the cPanel & WHM installation process.


touch /etc/install_legacy_ea3_instead_of_ea4

Now you can start the cPanel installation by following the steps given below.

yum update
cd /home/
wget -N
sh latest

Just wait for the cPanel installer script to complete its installation and once it’s done, you can access the WHM panel with the following URL.


After cPanel installation

Suppose you have already installed cPanel and WHM with EasyApache 4 on your server and wish to switch back to EasyApache 3, please follow the steps given below.

mkdir -p /usr/local/apache.ea3/{conf,htdocs,bin}

Then run the following command.

/scripts/migrate_ea3_to_ea4 --revert --run

This will migrate EasyApache4 to EasyApache3. If you run into any errors related to Apache after migrating, just compile EasyApache 3 once and this will fix all issues.

That’s it.


As per the cPanel team, the last version of cPanel & WHM to support EasyApache 3 will be version 62. Once version 62 goes End of Life in January of 2018, EasyApache 3 will receive no further updates and will be fully deprecated.

EasyApache 3 will be fully removed from cPanel & WHM version 64. So, if you are running EasyApache 3, you will be blocked from upgrading to v64 of cPanel & WHM.

Leave a comment for queries.

How to install EasyApache 3 on cPanel & WHM 58?.
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  • Luis Angel Gil Leonardo

    Hi, perform the procedure cPanel After installation, but easyapache 3 does not appear in whm

    • GeeksAlive

      Did the build went successful? If not try executing easyapache once using “/scripts/easyapache”. This should fix this.

  • cPanelbenny

    Hey there! This is a great article! Thank you so much for sharing it. There’s an update to the deprecation schedule for EA3. Would you please adjust your article to reflect it? I’d like to avoid the confusion.

    • Hey!!! Thank you for the notification.. I have made the required changes in the article.

  • Shawn King

    Any idea as to why some WordPress sites do not work well in easyapache 4..?

    • Never face any such issues.. What was the exact issue you are facing?

      • Shawn King

        Anytime I install easyapache 4 on a cPanel/WHM webserver and I try to run Avada WP theme on that server, none of the websites load up, I don’t even get errors, I have tried other templates and they work just fine, except for Avada which is one of the best if not the best WP template out there

        • Weird.. Please take a look at the logs.. You will find something there.

  • Thanks for the tips for reverting from EA4 to EA3. We have a new VPS that we wanted to move some sites over and noticed the performance of the website drops tremendously after moving over. The only difference is on the HTTP/2 which we have compiled that runs on EA3 but not EA4 (for now), plus the new VPS is on a SSD VPS vs normal SATA on the old host.

    This is the guide we have used for the compilation of HTTP/2 on EA3, works quite well for us

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