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Migrate Wordpress WebSite

How to Migrate WordPress WebSite to a New Host

We all migrate wordpress website to a new host for one or other reason. In this article we will discuss an easy and efficient way to migrate WordPress website to a new host using Duplicator plugin.

Duplicator gives WordPress users the ability to migrate, copy, move or clone a site from one location to another and also serves as a simple backup utility. Standard WordPress migration and WordPress backups are easily handled by this plugin as zero downtime migrations.

Migrate WordPress WebSite – How it works?

The Duplicator plugin creates an installer file and an archive file of your existing WordPress Files and Database. You have to then move these files to the new server. The installer file on the destination will then let you quickly unpack and install everything – including files and database.


Detailed Steps to Migrate WordPress WebSite

1) Preparing the existing WordPress website for migration

Login to your WordPress dashboard and install and activate the Duplicator plugin.

Go to “Duplicator > Packages > Create new package” and create a package which includes all your website files.


Now, enter a Name for the package and click on “Next”.  The Duplicator plugin will then scan your entire WordPress website and show you stuffs like large files, Addon sites etc. The Size Check notice will be triggered at 150MB and it can be ignored on most hosts. However, it is always recommended to remove all unwanted files such as logs or any backups files before proceeding with the migration.


If you see any errors, fix it and Rescan your site. Clicking the Build button will create a package which contains an “installer.php” file and an archive file (.zip format).

Download both files to your computer.

2) Transferring the backup and completing the migration process

The next step is uploading the “installer.php” file and the archive file (.zip format) which we have downloaded on Step 1 to your new Hosting Account.

You can upload the files using FTP or FileManager.

Next, edit your local PC’s “hosts” file in-order to temporarily map the domain name to the IP Address of your new WordPress Hosting package. Refer the following article to do this:

How to Edit The Hosts File Of Your Local System

So, if your domain name is “” and your new hosting IP Address is “”, add the following entry to your PC’s hosts file:

This will point your domain directly to the new hosting IP Address “” when accessed from your computer. So, now you can proceed with the restoration process by calling the “installer.php” file as below:

Replace “” with your domain name.


This will open up a page as shown below:

Accept the “Terms and Notices” and Click on “Next”.


This is where you would need to enter the database connection details of your NEW hosting package.

Now, test the database connection. If the database connection is success, it means we are almost done with the process.

If you want to make any changes to the website configurations, please do it on the next step (In most of the cases this is not required) and finish the setup.

If you have done everything right way, the installation will complete soon and the final report will be something as shown in the beow screenshot:

Now, check your website on the on the web browser. (The domain will point to the new server as long as you keep the entries in the “hosts” file)

Check and ensure that everything is working properly. Once done, you can point your domain DNS to the new hosting server IP Address.

That’s all. You are done!, Please leave a comment below if you have any questions.

How to Migrate WordPress WebSite to a New Host
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