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new features in cpanel WHM 58

What are the new features in cPanel WHM 58?

cPanel has announced software version 58 is now available in the RELEASE tier.  It comes with improved user experience and many new cool features. In this article, I will list some of the new features in cPanel WHM 58.

List of new features in cPanel WHM 58


EasyApache 4

EasyApache 4 was introduced in cPanel & WHM version 11.52 and has grown into a stable and mature product. As of version 58 EasyApache 4 is out of BETA and it is the default on new cPanel installation.EasyApache 4 is fully stable, reliable, and more powerful than ever. It also comes with Multiple PHP versions support including PHP 7.

Multi-PHP Manager

MultiPHP Manager interface in WHM allows you to easily manage the PHP configurations of your accounts. It allows you to set a different PHP version for each virtual host.


Powered by Comodo, version 58 offers SSL certificates that can be automatically installed and updated across all of the domains on your server. Perform this feature straight from the WHM panel.

Convert Add-on Domains

With this new feature, you are now able to easily convert an Addon domain into a full-fledged cPanel account with few clicks. When you convert an addon domain into a stand-alone cPanel account, you gain more control over the domain’s resources, such as databases, FTP accounts, and SSH access.

Updated HTML Editor

Drag-and-drop uploads, embedded media resources, and toolbar configuration have been added to the new HTML editor.

Munin 2.0

Reseller hosts can utilize the latest version of this resource monitoring tool for servers in version 58.

Roundcube RPM

Roundcube is now provided via RPM’s. This change shouldn’t affect too much, however users who choose to customize their RoundCube will have to modify and rebuild the source RPM (SRPM).

Bandmin removal

Bandmin has been removed. However, Bandwidth information is still available in other ways.

  • WHM >> Home >> Account Information >> View Bandwidth Usage, or
  • cPanel’s Bandwidth interface – Home >> Metrics >> Bandwidth

For more information about cPanel WHM 58 version, please see the official release notes here:


What are the new features in cPanel WHM 58?
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